Activities in our Preschool, Toddlers and Nursery Jan-Jun 2017

Our Preschool Room:At Four Year Old time the tamariki were asked to draw different shapes and patterns and then to cut along the lines that they had drawn.  Through the use of drawing, writing and cutting, tamariki are refining their hand-eye coordination and small motor skills.  They are also developing skills and knowledge with the materials and technology used in the creative arts and expressive arts. Perseverance is a characteristic that tamariki use throughout this activity and this disposition will become a great tool for tamariki to use towards their future learning and achievements.

Once upon a time the Active Kids tamariki went to visit the Library…
At the Library tamariki listened to the Librarian read “Slinky Malinki” by Lynley Dodd; had to spot the red dot in the amazing pop-up book “The Red Dot” and had a chance to act out the characters in a Matariki story ‘The Little Kiwi’s Matariki”.

Activities using the Dye Dropper experiment to make “Witches Brew” help refine tamariki small motor skills and their pincer grip which will be required later for writing.

What a great adventure we had to the Skate Park in 17th Avenue for some active bike riding fun! We had a great time zooming down the slopes.

A typical day in our Preschool:
having fun playing rugby;  doing puzzles;  playing with clay;  carrying out science experiments.

Our Toddler Room:Through the process of making bread, tamariki can explore healthy eating as well as the mathematics, hygiene and science behind this every day food.  Tamariki had turns to add the various ingredients, using lots of verbal communication to express their scientific observations.  They were extremely interested in the process of rising and kneading the bread to ensure its delicious taste. When we took the bread into the laundry to put it into the hot water cupboard, one of the tamariki said “It’s going to get fat again now.”

As part of our emergent curriculum topic, “Senses” and my own “Edible Garden” project, Naydene and I decided to take the tamariki on a visit to Bunnings to buy some gardening and carpentry resources.

Tamariki experience an environment where they are developing working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.   Planting the flowers and plants purchased on our “Bunning” outing.

When tamariki are given a chance to engage freely in adventurous play, they quickly learn to assess their own skills and match them to the demands of the environment. They are resilient and will try again and again until they master a situation that challenges them—or wisely avoid it, if that seems best.  This learning has also been extended within our weekly trips down to The Gym and to the Preschool, where many difficult obstacles are set-up for Toddler tamariki to develop their ‘risk taking’ skills.

Kaiako and tamariki practising their yoga at Mat time.

Enjoying kanikani (dancing) at Mat time.     Tamariki love moving and movement, and being physically active is an important part of every day life. Finding ways every day for children to use large and small muscles allows them to gain increasing control over their bodies. Physically active play helps tamariki to develop their large muscles, strength and balance, develop agility and co-ordination throughout the body, including hand/eye co-ordination. It also helps tamariki be confident in controlling their bodies and learn their limits; develops awareness of space, such as over/under, in front/behind, on top/beneath, inside/outside along with helping them to learn to cooperate and share with their e hoa ma (friends).

Our Nursery Room:Having a spontaneous game of “Peek a boo” with the scarf with the Nursery tamariki.

Tamariki gain strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning through learning about the properties of sand and how it can be manipulated. Tamariki explore the sand by feeling it, patting, pounding, shaping, moulding and digging.

Through these learning episodes tamariki are developing an understanding about shape, size, space, depth, and width which are all mathematical concepts. Tamariki are also developing hand–eye coordination and using their fine motor muscles.  This photo also shows our Nursery tamariki turntaking and learning to co-operate and share with each other.

Our Nursery tamariki enjoying the indoor and outdoor activities.


This morning we took our tamariki for a wee walk to watch our some of our Olympic medalists walk down Devonport Road. We were so excited!! Some of us even got to touch Blair Tuke’s medal!! What a fantastic way to end our current Olympics project.IMG_4549 (Small)IMG_4547 (Small) IMG_4560 (Small) IMG_4557 (Small) IMG_4556 (Small)
IMG_4552 (Small)
IMG_4559 (Small)
IMG_4556 (Small)

Matariki 2016

Our Matariki movie “How the Kiwi lost it Wings”  was a huge success. Thank you to all the parents, families and whanau that took the time to attend our evening. What a fantastic turn out!! We appreciate all your support.
DSCF5136 (Small)

Tane Mahuta
DSCF3768 (Small)

Our Kiwi

DSCF3771 (Small)

Our TuiDSCF3790 (Small) DSCF3798 (Small) DSCF5106 (Small)

Our Pukeko

DSCF5117 (Small)

Our Morepork (Ruru)

DSCF5129 (Small) DSCF5133 (Small)

Our cute little bugs

IMG_0296 (Small)

IMG_0295 (Small)

IMG_0293 (Small)

IMG_3710 (Small)

Our beautiful sunflowers

IMG_3712 (Small) P1330954 (Small)

P1330955 (Small)

SDC10036 (Small)SDC10177 (Small)

DSCF5397 (Small)

Our drive-in movie

DSCF5386 (Small) DSCF5387 (Small) DSCF5388 (Small) DSCF5389 (Small) DSCF5390 (Small) DSCF5391 (Small) DSCF5392 (Small) DSCF5393 (Small) DSCF5394 (Small)

DSCF5396 (Small) DSCF5398 (Small) DSCF5399 (Small) DSCF5400 (Small) DSCF5401 (Small) DSCF5402 (Small) DSCF5403 (Small)

SDC10393 (Small) DSCF5404 (Small)

SDC10390 (Small)

SDC10387 (Small)

DSCF5405 (Small)

Oh Kaylie!! this was on purpose 🙂


IMG_0443 (Small)

Our friend and former teacher Lauren and Helaina even came back to check out our movie . Thanks guys!!

DSCF5406 (Small) DSCF5408 (Small) DSCF5410 (Small) DSCF5412 (Small) DSCF5414 (Small) DSCF5415 (Small) DSCF5417 (Small) DSCF5418 (Small) DSCF5421 (Small) DSCF5422 (Small)

IMG_0429 (Small) IMG_0435 (Small) IMG_0437 (Small) IMG_0438 (Small) IMG_0439 (Small) IMG_0441 (Small)

Welcome to all our new families. We have been super busy!!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new tamariki who have joined our Active Kids whanau.

IMG_3398 (Small)


IMG_3411 (Small)


IMG_3640 (Small)


IMG_3698 (Small)


IMG_9430 (Small)


DSCF3546 (Small)


DSCF3666 (Small)Ava

Kahurangi room has been busy developing their language and physical skills
IMG_3372 (Small) IMG_3354 (Small) IMG_3374 (Small)I love to paint!!!IMG_3401 (Small)
IMG_3402 (Small) IMG_3412 (Small)

Lots of messy play!!! IMG_3553 (Small) IMG_3561 (Small) IMG_3639 (Small)

Oooo look what I can do!!Kahurangi May 2016 006 (Small)Kahurangi May 2016 038 (Small)Kahurangi May 2016 024 (Small)

Look at me!!

IMG_3744 (Small)

Open wide!! Yum yumIMG_9863 (Small)
In Paua Room we have super busy figuring out how things work through a variety of science experiments and transporting move items from one place to another. We have had some fun experimenting with our Kaiako.

IMG_9360 (Small)

Look you can see through it Baz!!



IMG_9349 (Small)
IMG_9134 (Small)

Making our own playdough
IMG_9161 (Small) IMG_9163 (Small)

Can you see the egg changing yet?

IMG_9172 (Small) IMG_9193 (Small) IMG_9334 (Small) IMG_9338 (Small)

IMG_9396 (Small) IMG_9520 (Small) IMG_9480 (Small) IMG_9474 (Small) IMG_9468 (Small) IMG_9402 (Small) IMG_9524 (Small) IMG_9548 (Small) IMG_9564 (Small) IMG_9594 (Small) IMG_9611 (Small) IMG_9613 (Small) IMG_9618 (Small) IMG_9669 (Small) IMG_9679 (Small) IMG_9699 (Small) IMG_9758 (Small) IMG_9818 (Small) IMG_9823 (Small) IMG_9852 (Small) IMG_9880 (Small) IMG_9891 (Small) IMG_9915 (Small) IMG_9934 (Small) IMG_9938 (Small) IMG_9942 (Small) IMG_9943 (Small) IMG_9950 (Small)

In the Pukeko Room we have been busy moving our bodies and moving our imaginations

DSCF5026 (Small) DSCF3491 (Small) DSCF3510 (Small) DSCF5021 (Small)

Trying to be a wheelbarrow
DSCF5072 (Small)

Even our Kaiako had a turnDSCF5075 (Small) DSCF5076 (Small) DSCF5080 (Small) DSCF5083 (Small) DSCF5086 (Small) DSCF5092 (Small)

This is hard work!!

P1330728 (Small) P1330733 (Small) P1330740 (Small) P1330752 (Small) P1330759 (Small) P1330789 (Small) P1330797 (Small) P1330813 (Small)

We need to practise our hair dressing skills, so we gave our a grass a hair cut.

P1330818 (Small) P1330831 (Small) P1330833 (Small) P1330850 (Small) P1330857 (Small) P1330858 (Small) P1330865 (Small)

Ooo it’s nice and warm by the camp fire.

P1330869 (Small) P1330870 (Small) P1330873 (Small)DSCF5266 (Small)DSCF5258 (Small)DSCF5257 (Small)

DSCF5183 (Small)DSCF5179 (Small)DSCF5171 (Small)DSCF5172 (Small)

I love my banana phone. Thanks mum!!

DSCF5177 (Small)


We had so much fun at our bike day. Our tamariki thoroughly enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters in the carpark downstairs. It was a great way to promote road safety for our tamariki. Even some of our teachers had a turn!P1330414 (Small)IMG_9299 (Small) IMG_9286 (Small) IMG_9265 (Small) IMG_9260 (Small) IMG_9257 (Small) IMG_9256 (Small) IMG_9254 (Small)
IMG_9238 (Small) IMG_9230 (Small) IMG_9229 (Small) IMG_9225 (Small) IMG_9220 (Small) IMG_9208 (Small)P1330337 (Small) P1330340 (Small) P1330341 (Small) P1330342 (Small) P1330343 (Small) P1330344 (Small) P1330346 (Small) P1330349 (Small) P1330351 (Small) P1330352 (Small) P1330353 (Small) P1330354 (Small) P1330355 (Small) P1330356 (Small) P1330359 (Small)P1330360 (Small) P1330361 (Small) P1330362 (Small) P1330363 (Small) P1330370 (Small) P1330371 (Small) P1330372 (Small) P1330373 (Small) P1330374 (Small) P1330375 (Small) P1330376 (Small) P1330379 (Small) P1330380 (Small) P1330382 (Small) P1330384 (Small) P1330386 (Small) P1330387 (Small) P1330389 (Small) P1330390 (Small) P1330391 (Small) P1330393 (Small) P1330394 (Small) P1330396 (Small) P1330401 (Small) P1330402 (Small) P1330403 (Small) P1330404 (Small) P1330406 (Small) P1330408 (Small) P1330409 (Small) P1330411 (Small) P1330414 (Small) P1330417 (Small) P1330418 (Small) P1330419 (Small) P1330420 (Small) P1330421 (Small) P1330422 (Small) P1330424 (Small) P1330427 (Small) P1330430 (Small) P1330431 (Small) P1330433 (Small) P1330435 (Small) P1330438 (Small) P1330439 (Small) P1330440 (Small)

Bear Hunts and Emergency Services

It has been a busy a few months for the tamariki in the Paua Room. We have been reading lots of stories and having lots of fun becoming the characters and retelling the stories.018 (Small)
IMG_7162 (Small)015 (Small)DSCF6711 (Small)DSCF6713 (Small) IMG_7398 (Small) IMG_7401 (Small) Paua March 2016 019 (Small)Paua March 2016 026 (Small)Paua March 2016 004 (Small) Paua March 2016 027 (Small)

Paua March 2016 030 (Small)IMG_7349 (Small)IMG_7351 (Small)IMG_7359 (Small)IMG_7362 (Small)IMG_7381 (Small)In Kahurangi we have been busy painting, listening to music and discovering the new toys in our environment.IMG_2726 (Small)
Kahurangi April 2016 002 (Small)Kahurangi March 2016 002 (Small)Kahurangi March 2016 008 (Small)Kahurangi March 2016 040 (Small)Kahurangi March 2016 042 (Small)Kahurangi March 2016 052 (Small)IMG_2683 (Small)IMG_2704 (Small)IMG_2680 (Small)IMG_2639 (Small)
IMG_2640 (Small)Pukeko Room tamariki have been super busy learning and discovering about emergency services. We have got busy in our garden planting and growing yummy vegetables. We have been closely watching our caterpillars grow, change into a chrysalis and become a beautiful butterfly. 
DSCF9480 (Small)DSCF9487 (Small)IMG_7494 (Small)IMG_7506 (Small)P1310232 (Small)P1310239 (Small)P1310417 (Small)P1310420 (Small)P1310433 (Small)P1310434 (Small)P1310436 (Small)P1310437 (Small)P1310440 (Small)P1310441 (Small)P1310457 (Small)P1310461 (Small)P1310467 (Small)P1310488 (Small)P1310489 (Small)P1310654 (Small)P1310655 (Small)P1310665 (Small)P1310739 (Small)P1310794 (Small)P1310797 (Small)P1310863 (Small)P1310870 (Small)

Welcome to our new teachers


P1310194 (Small)

Fakalofa Lai Atu.

My name is Alaita Mulafiatama and I greet you in the language of my birth, the beautiful island of Niue. I have two handsome boys, Lawrence and Clayton, a very supportive and loving partner Shane. I am one sibling of six, four brothers and one sister.

I have been working in Early Childhood for 25 years and have a Diploma of Teaching and am a fully registered teacher.

I love working with all ages 0-5 years and I believe all children are our future. Therefore, it is important to create an environment where they grow up to be confident learners so that the contributions they make are respected and valued.


P1310191 (Small)

Tena koutou, ko Chrissie Medlycott ahau.

My name is Chrissie, and I have recently achieved my Bachelor of Teaching (ECE), and have my provisional registration. I live in Mount Maunganui with my two children; Kyla aged 6, Tyran aged 9 and my partner Kahn. I am very pleased to have the privilege of working with the tamariki, parents/whanau in the Paua Room. I deeply value establishing great relationships and developing a curriculum based on the child’s interests and the aspirations of the parents/whanau. I believe children are lifelong learners whose questions, strengths and interests should be explored. Through this teachers should follow the child’s lead and work alongside them. I cannot wait to get to know you all better.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket, the people will live.

Busy times in December

At Active Kids, Christmas isn’t the only thing we do in December. The toddlers have been getting down and dirty and experimenting with messy play. What a great time they have had exploring painting on different textures (eg. bubble wrap) and plastering hand prints on windows! 005 (Small) 007 (Small) 006 (2) (Small) 019 (Small) 018 (Small) 017 (Small)

The sandpit is always a hoot in the summer. These little ones are enjoying imaginary play and working together to create a meal for their friends.014 (Small) 013 (Small) 003 (Small) 006 (Small)
IMG_4777 (Small)

Learning about science is all in a days play for these toddlers. Experiments are fun when you get to roll balls!IMG_4842 (Small) IMG_4844 (Small) IMG_4866 (Small) IMG_4878 (Small)The preschoolers have been learning about Sun Safety and had a blast when they got to meet “Under Cover Cody”. Cody taught us how to “Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap”. Sun Safety is a very big topic for us at the moment as we venture to keep our tamariki safe in the hot New Zealand Sun.

DSCF8456 (Small) DSCF8462 (Small) DSCF8469 (Small) DSCF8474 (Small)

So many of our biggest tamariki are heading off to school at the start of 2015, so they have been exploring the role of ‘teacher’ and holding their own mat times. They enjoy reading their favourite stories to their friends in big loud voices. Here a few big four year olds reading to their friends.

P1290692 (Small) P1290695 (Small) P1290698 (Small)

We even had a visit from a fireman who stopped in to sell the teachers calendars, but couldn’t resist coming in for a photograph with some admirers.P1290710 (Small) P1290757 (Small)

Over the next month we will be busy, busy, busy with festive cheer!! Don’t forget about our Christmas Party this Thursday. We hope to see as many of you as possible for a little show and a big feast.

November 16-20

The babies in the Kahurangi Room have been having an amazing time lately. They are very excited that Karen has been spending lots of time with them as they just adore her. Our little ones have been experimenting with different age appropriate foods (always healthy options) such as cucumber, prunes, and cooked vegetables. This is a great start to learning about healthy options while stimulating the senses eg. new tastes, textures and smells. We are very much appreciating the feedback we have been receiving from our families and whanau as it helps us ensure we are meetings our babies wants’ and needs to help them feel comfortable in their environment.
IMG_1377 (Small) IMG_1383 (Small) IMG_1392 (Small) IMG_1396 (Small) IMG_1410 (Small) IMG_1412 (Small) IMG_1415 (Small) IMG_1421 (Small) IMG_4328 (Small)


Christmas is just around the corner and our toddlers have been enjoying making Christmas decorations. Nothing says Christmas like decorated pine cones. The simple activity encourages our tamariki to strengthen their pencil grip and move the object around to ensure they are painting the whole area. Painting activities like this are so important to develop pre-literacy and writing skills. We have been having more fun with the poi too. It might be time to start our own kapa haka group with the experts we have in our room!!IMG_4333 (Small) IMG_4334 (Small) IMG_4336 (Small) IMG_4344 (Small) IMG_4364 (Small) IMG_4365 (Small) IMG_4366 (Small) IMG_4368 (Small) IMG_4386 (Small) IMG_4387 (Small) IMG_4389 (Small) IMG_4391 (Small)The biggest tamariki at Active Kids have been enjoying all kinds of construction. They have been enjoying Mobilo and making vehicles with it, building life sized buses, huge towers, and amazing train tracks. Creative concepts get extended and our children get to develop problem solving skills while having a great time building. Magnetic stories have also been a favourite pastime that encourage pre-literacy. Our tamariki make up their own stories using the pictures and their own imaginations. They also recited the classic stories using their best memory recollection skills.

P1290487 (Small) P1290497 (Small) P1290529 (Small) P1290531 (Small) P1290536 (Small) P1290537 (Small) P1290614 (Small) P1290615 (Small)P1290585 (Small)P1290588 (Small)P1290593 (Small)P1290594 (Small)


November fun

Summer is around the corner and our cheeky children have been up to all kinds of mischief and fun. In the Paua Room there have been smiles everywhere as they bask in the sun. Mat times have been fun with new books, songs and dancing ribbons. There has been plenty of follow on from the art festival as the children enjoy the music, painting and screen printing. Look at all the smiling, happy faces.


paua november 2015 025 (Small) paua november 2015 026 (Small) paua november 2015 034 (Small) paua november 2015 041 (Small) paua november 2015 042 (Small) paua november 2015 053 (Small) paua november 2015 055 (Small) paua november 2015 058 (Small) paua november 2015 067 (Small) paua november 2015 076 (Small) paua november 2015 080 (Small) paua november 2015 098 (Small) paua november 2015 114 (Small) paua november 2015 151 (Small) paua november 2015 154 (Small) paua november 2015 165 (Small) paua november 2015 178 (Small) paua november 2015 183 (Small)

The preschoolers had a ball when we found a dead bee and put it in a magnifying container so we could observe what their bodies look like. One of friends, Jaimeson, bought in some honey in a honey comb so we extended the interest in the bee by tasting the honey and looking at the honey comb. Before that we had a special visit from Marie from the library. She came in to share some stories and we got a surprise that she was dressed up as The Queen of Hearts. She brought along lots of props, puppets and stories to share. P1290195 (Small)DSCF8374 (Small)DSCF8373 (Small)DSCF8368 (Small)DSCF8365 (Small)P1290200 (Small)P1290205 (Small)P1290210 (Small)P1290221 (Small)

The stunning weather has provided lots of time for us to explore water play, create obstacle courses and even have a go at building our own crane in the sandpit. So many learning opportunities are taking place every day and our tamariki are thriving in the sun!P1290231 (Small)P1290307 (Small)P1290308 (Small)P1290483 (Small)P1290479 (Small)P1290439 (Small)P1290438 (Small)P1290373 (Small)P1290330 (Small)P1290311 (Small)