Information for Whanau

He mihi nui kia koutou katoa 

We welcome you, your child/tamariki and whanau to be a part of our Centre and are thrilled to have you chosen us to be a part of your child's/tamariki education and care.

We have put this information together so our tamariki families/whanau are informed about the activities and requirements of our Centre.

Our Philosophy:

Active Kids Early Childcare Centre is locally owned and whanau focused. 

Our unique local curriculum is play-based celebrating tamariki journey of learning and development and focusing on their dispositional learning.  Our Priorities of Learning and Centre Values inspire our everyday programme which is founded solidly on Te Whāriki, Aotearoa New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. 

We aspire to grow our tamariki confidence as capable, confident and competent learners and leaders.  By creating a safe stimulating environment that invites tamariki to actively explore, problem-solve, discover and risk-take, while having a small, familiar teaching team close at hand for consistent care and support.  This encourages tamariki to have a passion for lifelong learning.

Active Kids Early Childcare Centre is part of a diverse community where tamariki are valued as individuals and inclusiveness for all is embedded in our Centre’s culture.  We believe in providing an environment where our tamariki and whanau experience their culture being acknowledged and supported, and their wairua and mana is upheld, nurtured and respected.

We acknowledge the bicultural partnership inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi, where Māori are tangata whenua, and we weave this into our daily practices.  We believe by recognising Te Ao Māori, Māori tamariki will achieve success as Māori learners. We encourage all our tamariki in their journey to explore their relationship with and act as kaitiakitanga (guardians) for their natural environment.

Our Kaiako have a valuable kete of knowledge and experience to draw on in their daily practice.  They are committed to ongoing professional development that extends and challenges their practices.  Our kaiako are passionate about extending the interests of tamariki and being strong tamariki welfare advocates.

Meaningful partnerships with whanau enable us to create a strong connection between home and Centre life, helping tamariki to feel a sense of belonging.  Kaiako welcome and engage whanau so they can actively contribute to their nga tamariki learning journey.

Through our holistic approach to care of tamariki, high standards and quality practices, we prepare our tamariki for success throughout their lives and enable them to contribute positively to their wider community.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask one of our team who are here to assist whenever we can.

Our Three Learning Areas – Nursery, Toddlers and Preschool
All of our Learning Area ages are approximate as tamariki transition at a pace that suits their individual needs.

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1-3
Our Nursery Area focus is to provide a nurturing and safe environment where your child can reach their milestones with the security of knowing their teachers/kaiako are close at all times. Our kaiako work closely with whānau to provide a similar routine to that carried out at home in regards to sleeping and eating patterns. We also provide exciting indoor and outdoor experiences, in spaces designed and resourced specifically for our babies.

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1-4
When your child transitions into our Toddler Area, we encourage your child to build on their routines and independence. Teachers remain close at hand to guide and support your child to develop their communication and social interaction skills, through daily activities built into their programme. Our goal is also to encourage their individuality and interests through a wide range of planned and spontaneous indoor and outdoor activities.


Teacher/Child Ratio: 1-6
In our Preschool Area, our goal is to inspire curiosity to help your child want to learn. Our teachers promote independence through planned individual and group indoor and outdoor activities. Our Four Year Old Programme focuses on preparing your child for their transition to school.

Settling Your Child into a New Childcare Centre
Children react differently when starting at a new Childcare Centre. They sometimes become upset, which often makes it difficult for you to leave. We wish to assure you that this will pass. If your child is upset, we will designate a teacher/team member to help your child to settle in. We understand the importance of your child feeling safe and secure with us. Our aim is to form a trustworthy and caring relationship with your child, so they feel they are in a safe and warm environment.

It can sometimes take up to two weeks to settle your child into a new Centre, sometimes longer for our part-time children. Please feel secure in the knowledge that we will work actively to ensure that your child settles in with our team as quickly as possible.

Once your child settles in, they are then on their way to having a wonderful experience at our Centre. The other children are excellent motivators and it will not take too long before your child is joining in the activities.

20 hours free

Our 3 – 5 year olds can attend Active Kids Early Childcare Centre for 20 hours free each week. Active Kids Early Childcare Centre does not ask for any payment from you for these hours. See our Office Manager for all information and forms.


  • Minor – then Team Members record the accident/illness and advise the whānau/parents/caregivers on the next occasion they see them e.g. scratch/graze

  • Very significant – then the Team Member will contact the child’s whānau/parents/caregivers or their other emergency contact, to advise them of the accident/illness and if deemed appropriate, to ask for the child to be picked up e.g. jammed finger, temperature, vomiting.

  • Serious – then the Team Member will seek medical advice and/or treatment, contact the child’s whānau/parents/caregivers if possible or their other emergency contact, to advise them of the accident/illness and if deemed appropriate to ask for the child to be picked up or arrange for them to be taken to a medical treatment centre or professional e.g. unconsciousness/seizure.


Your child’s birthday is special, so we love to celebrate these. On your child's birthday the children will celebrate by making a play-doh birthday cake and our team will take photos for your child’s portfolio. If you can, you are most welcome to join the occasion.

Children With Special Needs
Active Kids Early Childcare Centre can cater for children with special needs. Please speak to our Office Manager or Head Teachers for more information.

Active Kids Early Childcare Centre provides parents, caregivers and whanau with weekly online updates on what has been happening through the week, reminders and other important news.

We welcome your calls but sometimes it is not possible for our team to leave the children to take your call. Please leave a detailed message as we check our messages frequently and will respond as quickly as we can. We regularly check our emails throughout the day, so you can send an email and we will reply as soon as we can.

Dropping Off And Collecting Your Child

The safety of your child is one of our primary concerns, so please make sure you sign your child in when dropping them off, and sign your child out when picking them up from our Centre. Your child will only be released to the care of an authorised person identified on your child’s enrolment form. Should your circumstances change, please keep us informed so that we can keep the enrolment form up-to-date.

Our Centre’s operations rely on maintaining our fees. For our full fee list please contact us and we can provide you with a list of our competitive rates. Our fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Fees are paid in advance by cash or direct debit on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Direct debit forms are always available from our office.

Casual accounts must be paid at the start of the session on the day of attendance, except by prior arrangement.

Parents pay for a place in Active Kids Early Childcare Centre. As such we need payments to be paid whether your child attends our Centre or not. The exceptions to this are illness and Holidays (read more under 'illness' and 'holidays'. 

Health and Safety
Active Kids Early Childcare Centre has very high-level hygiene procedures that are required to be followed. Our team role model high levels of personal hygiene at all times, and encourage and place emphasis on the importance of each child learning and understanding why hygiene is important.

All of our Registered kaiako hold a current First Aid Certificate.

You must give our Centre two weeks prior written notice if your child is going on holiday. This will ensure your child’s place is retained and allows time to adjust team staffing levels. A 50% discount will be given for the duration of the holiday if this notice is given. This discount does not apply to WINZ subsidies or children using the 20 free hour’s childcare.

Our Centre does not offer make up days, however where extra days are requested, we will try to accommodate these.

As our team are still required to be paid on public holidays, although our Centre is closed for all public holidays full fee payment is required.


In the interests of not passing on illness to other children and our team, if your child is unwell at home, please do not bring your child into our Centre. If your child is ill and is unable to attend, please phone our Centre as soon as possible. We would expect to hear prior to the start of your child’s usual starting session time. We offer a 50% discount for the day if a medical certificate is produced to confirm your child’s illness. This discount does not apply to WINZ subsidies or children using the 20 free hours childcare. Please inform your child’s Head Teacher if your child has been ill or had an injury since the last time they attended Active Kids Early Childcare Centre.

Active Kids Early Childcare Centre is required to sight, copy and record your child’s immunisation information for our records. Children who are not immunised cannot attend our Centre if an epidemic occurs.

Late Pickup

Please be on time to pick up your child. A $1.00 per 5 minutes fee will be charged for late pickups within our licenced hours of 7.30am - 5.30pm. Any late pick-ups outside of these hours will be charged at $10 per 5 minutes.

Our Centre does not offer make up days, however where extra days are requested, we will try to accommodate these.

Meal Times:

Morning and afternoon tea
At Active Kids Early Childcare Centre we have a strong focus on healthy living and quality education for our tamariki. To promote healthy eating, we provide healthy and nutritional morning and afternoon tea for all tamariki at our Centre, giving consideration to any dietary requirements. 

We ask that you please provide your child with a packed lunch. Please do not include nuts or nut products in your child’s lunch as under Ministry of Education requirements, we are a nut-free zone.

If your child has any food allergies or special requirements please let one of our team know so we can ensure your child’s well-being.


If you have medication that you would like your child to be given, please notify your child’s Head Teacher. They will give you a medication form where we require details from you and your signature authorising the Head Teacher to administer the medication to your child. It must be dated, what medicine is to be given, how often, time and amount of dosage and duration of administration.

Ministry of Education Funding

Funding received from the Ministry of Education will be audited annually. The audit report will be available for you to view at the Centre. We encourage your feedback about this as if affects how we run the Centre.

Non-payment of fees
Anyone experiencing difficulty in maintaining fee payments can see our Office Manager to arrange a mutually agreeable repayment arrangement. Continued non-payment of fees will result in the loss of a place for your child at Active Kids Early Childcare Centre and having to pass the unpaid account onto debt collection.

If you wish to withdraw your child from Active Kids Early Childcare Centre, we require two weeks written notice or payment of fees due in lieu of this notice.

Parent Responsibilities
General Requirements - please ensure:
Nails are checked regularly.
Hair is checked for head lice.


Pre-visits are essential before your child starts. We recommend three visits with your child, where you stay with them so they can become comfortable with their new environment, teachers and other tamariki. There is no cost for you as your child will still be in your care. These pre-visits will give you and your child a chance to meet with our team and the other children in your child’s Area and to become familiar with the space and routines. To arrange a pre-visit, please call or email us to organise a day and time.

Rest Home Visits

Teachers take a group of Preschool tamariki in the Centre van to visit the residence at the local Rest Home, monthly. Our tamariki take puzzles, games and books to enjoy interacting with the residence. You will be advised of these trips and will be asked to sign a permission slip to allow your child to participate.

Sleep Time
Individual sheets and blankets are provided for children that require a sleep during their time with us. These are washed weekly unless soiled. Again, please talk to your child’s kaiako, so we can follow the routines you have in place for your child’s sleeping patterns. Be assured our team will check on sleeping children every five minutes and will keep a record that you can view, of times and duration of sleep.

We try to encourage our preschool children to not have a nap during their time at our Centre, to help get them ready for school. However, if your child requires a sleep this will be organised and resources are available.


Active Kids Early Childcare Centre is a no smoking (Auahi Kore) zone and this includes our car park. This rule is to be respected at all times.

Special Events
Celebrating special events such as Mothers and Fathers Day, Easter and Christmas are included in Active Kids Early Childcare programme. If you would prefer your child to not take part in these activities or any other activities, please let the team leader know.


We provide sunscreen for all tamariki at Active Kids Early Childcare Centre. If your child has allergies/sensitivity to normal sunscreen, please provide your own specific sunscreen. We also provide sunhats.

Swimming Lessons

We make use of our Centre van to take groups of our preschool tamariki swimming three times per week. This is an additional activity that parents/caregivers can choose to enrol their child in. Please talk to Reception or you child's Head Teacher if you would like to enrol your child in these swimming lessons.

Tamariki Gym Classes at The Gym Tauranga

Our Preschool tamariki enjoy weekly exercise at The Gym where we use the Group Fitness Room to participate in a fun fitness class that builds fit, healthy and confident kids through fun physical activities. There is no cost for this and just one of the great advantages of your child being at Active Kids Early Childcare Centre.

Toilet Training
It is important that our team work together with you when your child is toilet training. Consistency and continuity is important. We encourage you to talk to your child’s kaiako so we can follow the routines you have put into place for toilet training or if you would like strategies to assist with this shared responsibility.

We take our Preschool and Toddler tamariki on planned trips throughout the year. You will be advised of these trips and will be asked to sign a permission slip to allow your child to participate in the trip. We welcome any whānau/parents/caregivers help on these trips.

On your child’s enrolment form there is an option to give permission for spontaneous trips such as a walk to the park or to the pet shop.

What to bring for your child:

• Enough clearly named appropriate clothing and footwear that keeps your child comfortable and does not restrict their enjoyment or participation in their Centre. This can include activities such as playing with paint, clay and glue.

• Enough nappies

• A bottle with enough milk mixture (if required)

• Dummy (if required)

• Comfort item (if required)

WINZ Subsidies

WINZ can help pay for part of or all of your child’s fees. It is common for people to be surprised that although they are not eligible for other WINZ support, they are eligible for some if not all subsidy coverage for early childhood care. See our Office Manager for all the information and forms to apply.

Your Child’s Profile Book
Your child will be given an individual profile book that will record your child’s growth, development and achievements throughout their time with us. This will also be available online on a safe, private portfolio site called Educa. Your child's stories will only be available to you and your family whom you choose to invite. The profile book and online portfolio will be filled with photos, observations, learning stories and Parents Voice, which is where you can add your thoughts and comments. The profile book will be given to you when your child leaves Active Kids Early Childcare Centre and is a fantastic treasure chest of memories for you and your child later in life.

Thank you
Thank you for choosing Active Kids Early Childcare Centre to provide an opportunity to nurture and educate your child.

Our Centre offers a high standard of care and education for your child. We hope that you and your child’s experience at Active Kids Early Childcare Centre is an extremely enjoyable and memorable one. As we have previously said, our goal is to ensure your child feels safe and secure while in the care of our team. We are also committed to inspiring curiosity to help your child want to learn; one of the greatest gifts a teacher can give to a child.

Because of our unique setting, we would like to extend to you the opportunity of joining The Gym Tauranga to have time to yourself in either the main gym space, the female gym space, attend classes or relax in the saunas. To find out more, please see the friendly team at The Gym Tauranga.